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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

At last.........

Well, they've gone.....all dressed up and more excited than me lol!
 And don't they scrub up well?
Somehow I don't think they'll come home looking this tidy, do you?
First out the door at 8am sharp..........
my handsome sons, Chris (15) & Nic (13) aka Bert & Ernie, Herb & Sherb
or any other  names that come in two's! They share a room, are always together and are as daft as brushes, the pair of 'em!

followed by Miss Rebecca at 8.35am prompt!
She even managed to talk her Brother, James into buying her
a new school bag........she didn't tell him she'd already got 3!!!!!
So that's my proud Mama Jo moment for today!
Didn't know what to do with myself this morning......craft or iron.........iron
or craft? So I did nowt, had a cup of tea & a biscuit (or two) and decided to blog hop!
Oooo, that's the life!
Hope your days' a good one!
Hugs Jo x


  1. Hello Jo. Oh my, how fabulous and vewry smart they all look. Happy memories eh!!!
    Hope you have a lovely relaxed day, at least until they get home.
    Love Sandra xxx

  2. Lovely pictures Jo :) Have a nice relaxing quiet day!

    Tags xx

  3. fabulous piccies Jo - I bet they don't look like this now! They're so grown up too! I guess it won't seem long before mine are that big - mental note to self to make the best of the time I've got whilst they're still little! Hugs Rachel x

  4. Such gorgeous photos of your beautiful children, thank you for sharing

    Hugs Sue

  5. Hi Jo fabulous pictures the boys look very smart and hansom, Rebecca looks very smart in her uniform too, she is so adorable, you must be a very proud Mum.

    Hugs Julie x

  6. Ohhhh, the boys look so grown up and very smart! They look quite proud of themselves for looking so smart!

    Rebecca looks gorgeous! What a little smartie to talk her brother into buying her a new school bag. Agirl can't have too many!

    Little Miss C got a new bag and guess what? It has a pony on it! She was a bit disappointed that her Mum didn't buy the matching lunch backpack and thermos! My daughter had to bring it in online and the shipping for the thermos and lunch thingy was a fortune...the school bag was not too bad!
    Grade one for Miss C...Rebecca must be about grade 5 now?

    Have a wonderful have earned it as I know the uniforms take a lot of ironing. I wore them as a child and my never liked to do the ironing. She taught me how instead!!! hahahaha
    I can whip pleats into a kilt in no time at all!

  7. Hope they all have a great time back at school and they all look ready to go. A girl can never have enough bags!!!!I'm sure you will find lots to do now with all this spare time(lol)
    x catherine

  8. Fab photos hun, they all look very smart. Hope they had a good day, and hope yours was nice and peaceful :o) Hugs, Lisa x

  9. Hi Jo, I'm finally getting to wander around a few blogs - Emily went back to school today as well!

    I know exactly the feeling of what to do with my day - I ended up making one card and nothing else!!!

    Such smart boys and beautiful girl you have, don't they all look so grown up in their uniforms? I'll be posting my pics tomorrow (oh and a bit of candy for being such a bad blogger).

    Hoping to become a much more regular visitor again now and keep up to date with my fix of your fab cards.


  10. If they are anything like my Daughter they will end the day looking as if they or rather you is a stranger to the ironing board! and they are strangers to soap and water.

    I remember going to a parents evening and having her form teacher call her 'tuck it in' and then he apologised and said he had yelled that to her so often about her school shirt that he no longer bothered with her real name and just called her Tuck It In, instead.

    Lin xx

  11. oh gosh Hun how smart do they look,the boys looks so handsome,and your daughter,is really pretty,bet as you say they do not come home like that know mine never used too he he,hugs Cherylxxxx

  12. Love the Pictures of your Kids! It is Grandparents Week at my little Grand Children's School. Went today and yesterday to eat lunch with them. My little Grand Daughter cried when I left today. About broke my heart. Enjoy your little one's, they grow up way to fast and Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. :0)

  13. Hi Jo~ love those pics of the kiddo's... They sure have grown up - beautiful children... Your question about those markers, for my opinion I just love them they work really really well for me and way inexpensive verses copics... They are alcohol markers too and they have the same concept with refilling like copics too.
    You won't know until you try them...

  14. Lovely post Jo, they all look fabulous and ready for the day at school ahead.. I hope it all went well for them all Gorgeous children. Hugs May x x x

  15. What fab pics Jo, You must be such a proud mum, they look wonderful kids.
    Hugs Mau xx

  16. They all look fabulous off to school what super photo's Jo Hugs Elaine

  17. Bless them, they're beautiful kids Jo! Hope they had a fabulous first day back.

  18. They all look fabulous. I always took a picture of my son for the first day of school, they are so great to look back on!
    You must be so proud of your family, you are so lucky to have so many! Hope they have a great school year!

  19. ooo what a lovely little family ... you must certainly be a proud mum ... hope they all had a super day back at school ... thank you so much for visiting my blog ... have a great weekend ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  20. Hi Jo...what lovely photos and what a lovely family you have. I hope you are well.
    Hugs Debbie x

  21. Gorgeous photo Jo...don't they look fab in their uniform!!

    Hope you are enjoying the peace & quite now...mine is not so quite because will still have the youngest at home...well he's 2 so still a little bubba really!!

    hugs and xxx

  22. Aww don't they all look smart Jo! you must be so proud of them…
    I would definitely choose crafting over ironing! :-)
    Hope you are well hun
    Big Hugs
    Sue xx


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