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Sunday, 12 February 2012


Just been catching up with you all and been reading about this Friends Connect thing.
Now i don't really understand all this stuff, Vicky and Lisa can explain it much better, but i think we're losing the followers gadget on our blogs :( 
Then when i checked my email, someone else has said everyone on blogger/blogspot blogs won't be losing it!
At least, not yet!!!
So, i've followed in the footsteps of far more experienced bloggers than me, taken their advice and i've added the new Linky followers gadget or widget or whatever it's called.
I'd really hate to lose everybody so you would please follow me on the new linky and maybe get one yourself so i can follow you back.
I hope by doing this i've covered all bases cos i really don't want to lose you all so i'll be following everyone with the linky thing AND friends connect. 
Hope this makes some kind of sense!
Could someone tell me if i'm on the right track?
Jo xx


  1. Hi Jo

    Not everyone is losing the friends connect only those blogs not using
    hope this helps xx

  2. I don't know hun... I posted it on my blog as you know, but some people say it won't be blogspot blogs and some say it will! I'm doing the new follower thing but keeping everything crossed that it won't affect us. Lisa x


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