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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Whats on your workdesk Wednesday? week 142

Good morning, WOYWW'ers!
Is it me or is it getting just a bit warmer? We haven't needed to put the heating on this morning. 
Can you believe it's Wednesday again? Time to stand up and admit "My name's Jo and I like looking at other people's desk's!" Sound familiar? Then pop over to the leader of this fine group, Julia, and link up for your weekly dose of desk's! I don't play as often as I would like but this week sees me up bright & early & raring to go!
 The only thing you can see on my desk today is my finished homemade promarker storage unit! Oh, and a little edge of my big shot up there at top left! My collection of promarkers is almost complete and now with the flexmarkers as well, I needed more storage.To be honest I couldn't really afford to buy one so thought I'd have a go at making my own - and I'm chuffed to bits with it! And you could also add to it if you wanted!
I've added a page at the top explaining how I made it!
 Time for me to go and brave the housework now then maybe an hour's craft time if I'm, lucky!
Hope you have a lovely day, I'll be round peeking tonight!!
Jo x


  1. Jo what a fantastic idea.

    Hugs Julie x

  2. WOW Jo that's amazing, I just love it! It looks really fab and what a great idea :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen #91

  3. Such a cool way to store your ProMarkers. Brilliant!
    xx 101

  4. Hello Jo. Wow, what a great idea. I think you may have started a trend here Jo. Especially pretty because you can use whatever designer paper you wish, absolutely great idea.
    Love Sandra xxx

  5. OOh, lovely idea!! Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW Sarah x #129 ps: now following you!!

  6. What a fabulous storage idea, I am so impressed. Thanks for showing it to us xx

  7. What a great storage idea. Best of all, I like the no cost part! They are all right in line of sight much ease of use.

    I am going to try the challenges soon as I get some new cards finished. I decided to just make them with maybe 3 challenges in mind. After they are finished I will check the challenges list once again to see if they fit any other criteria.

    I bought a pretty notebook as per your suggestion, to keep track as it looks like you have to claim your prize for some...they do not contact you!

    off to check out the other lovely ideas and desks...

  8. Very clever and attractive way of storing your markers - thanks for sharing and Happy WOYWW.

    Ann B

  9. Wow Jo...what a clever idea. It looks great too. I think I might have to start saving my gravy granule tubs....
    Hugs Debbie x

  10. Wow Jo this is a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing I might have a go at this.
    Diane xx

  11. Hello Jo, I think your pen storage is fab ... sadly, I haven't got room on my desk for any more storage ... though I'm tempted to take a fresh look at what is there and perhaps move stuff I don't use often enough the space it takes up ... maybe next time my mojo has taken off :) Wishing you a great week. Elizabeth x #80

  12. How great is this! I love it!!

  13. Fabulous storage idea Just love it and the tutorial is great, I have been looking for something to keep them in as the wooden holders are a silly price, But this idea is fab, thanks so much for sharing it with us all, Hugs May x x x

  14. How ingenious Jo very clever and so useful! X

  15. Of course you had to make the storage to save money to buy more markers! I just hate having to spend precious crafting money on storage! I love what you've done here. It is so whimsical and useful. And Yes, my name is Judy and I'm a Desk Visiting Addict!

  16. Jo, I love your pro-marker holder. Great idea...My craft room is so messy I can't even find my
    joann Sassy Raggedy

  17. Jo, what a fabulous idea! I love it. I'd share a photo of my desk.... if I could find it under all that mess!

  18. Great storage idea, Jo! I'm all for it getting warmer - it's going to be 70 degrees (21C) here today and the sun is shining. Yay!

    Susan #138

  19. Very useful storage system. My pens are all in separate trays in a special unit. Thank you for visiting me yesterday, and it is definitely better having those things hanging up in clear sight. Hope you have a good week. xx Maggie #11

  20. What a fab pen storage! I use containers that once house washing tablets. Enjoy this week's WOYWW snoop of the crafty & creative desks around the world. Take care Zo xx 81

  21. Hi Jo,

    Beautiful storage for your markers! Job well done!!!


  22. What a great way of storing your markers, I love it. Hubby made me some storage for mine out of bits and pieces but that's full now so I think I will be giving this a go.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #127

  23. A little late your marker holder!

  24. Hi, your storage has worked out great and it is so colourful. I can see that your favourite colours are blue as you have the most of them. Enjoy your day and forget any housework, Laura

  25. What a great idea Jo, it looks fab :o) Lisa x

  26. Great storage solution... shame I have nowhere to stash it!! In for a late snoop,
    Love JoZArty x


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