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Monday, 20 January 2014

A bit of a change........

Morning lovelies......hope you're all well!
Ooooh, it's a cold & frosty morning here, nothing much planned except
 boring housework and maybe even some nasty ironing!!!!
So for today I'm sharing something a bit different, well, for me
anyway! I thought I'd have a go at making a Shamballa bracelet since
Rebecca got a kit for Christmas......and we're both hooked lol!
So this is my first proper attempt & my own design, so very quick & easy
to make & my lot love ' new addiction methinks!
Rightio, sooner I get on the sooner I can sneak an hour at my desk...
thanks for calling......see you soon!


  1. Hi Jo wow it's gorgeous, I have some to do but haven't got round to it, it looks a bit complicated.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  2. Hi Jo oh no not the ironing fancy doing mountain is growing too hehe
    this is fab love it. when we went to the nec in Nov I was there getting all my card goodies and my MIL was off buying these kits and tons (I mean tons) of beads she's told me to expect a call saying HELP lol
    I guess we will be seeing more of these lovelies from you hey maybe next this year you could do a stall selling the finished pieces kaching!!!
    have a great day but don't do to much ironing lol :o)
    Jacki x

  3. wow love your bracelet jo ... how very clever ... well done ... I do not need "another" addiction lol ... and as for the ironing ... well that is buried in the corner out of sight ... hope you have a great week ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  4. hello Jo - love this - its gorgeous!!! Hope you get that crafting hour hun - so important! Hugs rachel x

  5. This is wonderful Jo, such a fabulous design.
    hugs Sue xx

  6. Thanks for making me smile Jo...... boring ironing indeed! The iron and I only ever get acquainted when I need to flatten some ribbon for a card!! *blushes*

    What a beautiful bracelet. Try as I might I cannot get my head around the instructions for these. It's like trying to knit fog


  7. This looks fabulous Jo and it's so nice to try something different. Love the centre bead
    x catherine

  8. Oh this is beautiful Jo… I love the colours and design… I might have to get one of these kits to try! :-))
    Hope you are keeping warm and snug... it's SO cold today!
    Big hugs
    Sue xx

  9. This is gorgeous Jo...very clever, well done!!
    hugs and xxx


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