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Thursday, 18 June 2015

One slice or two?

Morning lovelies.....hope you're all well!
Something different to share today....well, I would share if there was some
 left.........but we ate it all lol! My fav meal right now is a big bowl of homemade
 veg soup and a slice (or two) from a homemade white crusty farmhouse loaf...
...mmmmmm, delicious! We bought a breadmaker a little while ago & love it....'s so easy, just chuck in all the ingredients, switch it on.....& then while
 it's baking I get to go sit at my desk and play lol. 
Thanks for calling......hope you manage some crafty time today!


  1. Mmmmm looks yummy shame it's all gone. lol.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  2. We've had a breadmaker for years, wouldn't be without it. Put everything in when we go to bed, set the timer and wake up to the wonderful smell of baking bread - nothing better, not very good for the figure though!

  3. Definitely two slices for me and I'll have the crusty end please!! I love my breadmaker. Have you tried baking a cake in yours? The toffee packet mix is delish!! xx

  4. hmmm - I've had a breadmaker for about 10 years now - i adore it and wouldn't be without it xx

  5. Love homemade bread, unfortunately I can't eat it anymore...gluten free just isn't the same! Carol x

  6. Jo, I just about smell your bread it looks yummy. Hazel,x

  7. Bread makers are briiant I've had one for years only trouble is we tend to ate lots like you



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