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Monday, 21 March 2016

Help me name Izzy's kittens!!

Good morning crafty friends, hope you're all well & had a lovely weekend!
Nothing crafty to share today
Me & Bex spent lots of time yesterday playing with the kittens.....and we finally got some good pics of Izzy's babies......can't believe they're 3 weeks old already. Izzy is very protective of them whereas Lola is much more laid back. We had a few fun moments yesterday when Izzy had a hold of some of Lola's babies & was cleaning way was she letting them go until she'd given them a thorough licking!
 So today I need your help.......we need names for these gorgeous you can see on the pic the black one is called Cain but we can't decide on the rest. Numbers 1 & 4 are girls and numbers 2 & 3 are boys. I'd love to hear your suggestions.....I just wish you all lived closer so's you could come share kitty cuddles!
Rightio, better get lots to do today.......thanks for calling......keep those names coming, can't wait to hear them!

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  1. love them all!
    2.batman -he look like batman
    Bad Kitty's Craftroom

  2. They are so cute - kittens always make me feel very broody! Number One is just like the cat I used to have and she was called Kizzy.
    Kath x

  3. Hi Jo, how about Daisy for No.1 and Cooper for No,3. Everyone is gorgeous, Kate x

  4. Scamp and Button are two cute names that come to mind. Wish I could see them in person to know their personalities a bit! They are all so cute!

  5. I'm thinking chocolate!! Galaxy, buttons, smartie and dime!! They are so gorgeous xx

  6. So beautiful, wish I was closer. When our Polly had our 4 babies, because we kept them all she carried on feeding them for 14 weeks before pushing them off. She was quite happy until then. Makes me wonder about people selling 8 week old kittens.

  7. absolutely gorgeous! here's my names for them!!!!
    2. Merlin - he looks just like a cat of mine that went missing - he was gorgeous!!!
    4. Mischief - my cat is called Mischief but its usually shortened to Missy - its such an appropriate name!!! we also live at no.4!
    hmmm other cute names - Billy and Daisy!!!

    Big hugs

    Rachel x

  8. As you have a Cain there needs to be an Able! I named one black and white cat I had Badger and another one Guiness. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. Aw number one looks just like Lulu (she was our gorgeous cat we had from a kitten). Number two is like Lucky, Lulu's best friend! I love those names! They are all beyond cute! I wish I could cuddle them all! xxx

  10. I'll have to do mor3 thinking about #1,2 & 4, but #3 looks like a little Sinbad, all dressed in his satin gray coat. :-D.

  11. Oh, soooooo adorable!!!! Thanks to have photographed them and posted :D
    My suggestions: Smoke for the grey boy (I love expecially this one!), Milly and Zoe for the sweet girls and Fonzie for the fabulous little number 2 :)
    Hugs, my friend, enjoy your little kitties!

  12. Oh Jo they're just so adorable! I'm useless at choosing names but you have some fabulous suggestions above.

  13. OMG Jo they are totally adorable and so beautiful I am not very good at choosing names but my suggestions are, 1 Sky, 4 Polly, 2 Dewi, 3 Smokey
    great options above have fun deciding
    lorraine x


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