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Saturday 27 April 2019

Something For The Weekend!

Morning crafty friend & bloggers, hope you're all well....
.....and welcome to Something For The Weekend, my time to share something,
anything.....could be crafts, baking, a photo, a joke.....anything that takes
my fancy!
First up today is a gorgeous grandson Asher had just had
tea..........but couldn't stay awake long enough for me to take him out of
his highchair. We took him out, washed & changed him & he went straight
to bed without even opening an eye!!

Next up is kitty cat Willow.....and there she stayed til teatime!
What is it with cats & boxes?

Have a lovely day.....see you tomorrow!


  1. Oh he is a darling reminds me of the time my son fell asleep in his highchair and face planted his spaghetti he too didn't wake lol. Cute cat they do love boxes

  2. OMGoodness, such cute and fun photos! Your little grandson is the sweetest! I wish I could sleep that soundly! Your kitty is sooooo adorable! Our cats love boxes too, sometimes they try to squeeze into the smallest boxes, so funny! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oh, how much sweetness in one post! :) Your grandson Asher is an adorable little baby, how cute!!! And it's so fun seeing your cat in the box! Mines love boxes too!!! :)

  4. cute little man ! I love the cat too , my three love boxes !

  5. Asher looks so contented and sweet natured, kitty looks full of mischief

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos, really made me smile. xx

  7. So sweet.
    Have a great day!
    Valerija xx

  8. Oh how sweet Jo, Asher must have been awfully tired, bless! Your kitty is gorgeous, beautiful face, Kate x

  9. I'm not sure which photo is the cutest, Jo, but that's one beautiful grandson! Willow is so beautiful especially with the white bib. :-D

  10. Beautiful grandson bless him and gorgeous Willow
    Carol x


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