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Sunday 8 June 2014

Day 8: Craft/blog every day in June!

Day 8: If you had to be a colour, which & why OR Craft something in monochrome

Oh wow Kairen, that's a tough one! I think it would have to be blue....I use it A LOT in
my crafting, love blue Christmas cards, live in my jeans & have lots of blue in my home!
 Love that blue can be light & bright or mean & moody.....bit like me at times lol. For me, it's
a real calming colour, especially teamed with cream & beige. Blue
reminds me of Christmas, love the frosty feel it gives.........usually I'm real traditional at 
Christmas but this year I'm gonna go for blue with creamy/beige colours......if I'm brave enough! 

Managed the double today.... had a little play in Serif while watching Soccer Aid......just a
random (hence the title) page inspired by one of my boys this morning....I asked him to pass 
something from my bag and heard 'heck Mum, your bag weighs a ton, what's in it?' and I got to
 thinking of all the stuff he takes out with him......and he doesn't have a bag lol!!

So come on, what colour would you be & why?


  1. great card Jo and a great description on blue - I think I would be green or red - tough one to call but they're my ying yang colours - the peace of green and the craziness of red xx

  2. Great post and lovely card Jo! Blue is a good colour choice, and it like to use it more on Summery cards or lots of Christmas cards too! Mel xx

  3. A fabulous monochrome creation, love it!
    Helen x

  4. lol I am with you on the bag thing. Both mine ( boy and girl) are the same , I always end up carrying everything

  5. This is a brilliant card Jo, I love the monochrome colours and brilliant design.

  6. Simply gorgeous is your card so beautifully presented Jo my colour would be yellow because its nice and bright and makes a wet and horrible day brighter xx


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