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Friday 13 June 2014

Day 13: Craft/blog every day in June!

Hi guys......happy I ready for the weekend!!

Day 13: What's your favourite smell, taste, view, sound & texture
Craft something that has a music theme
I thought this was gonna be so easy but no way could I narrow it down so here it is:

SMELL: A vanilla frosting Yankee candle, line dried washing & my son Nic, fresh off
the rugby pitch.....all fresh air & hot & sweaty.....if that smell had a name
it would definitely be named happy!

TASTE: Stew & dumplings, raspberries, apple crumble.....way too many to mention!

VIEW: Looking out to our back garden early on a morning, the ocean, my kids..
.....and a nice tidy craft desk lol!

SOUND: Well I do love me some loud rock music & usually have it blaring out
while I'm crafting, my faves are the Foo Fighters, A7X, Burn Halo.......and
luckily my lot love 'em too so wherever I am in the house there's something playing!

TEXTURE: Got to be my the feel of my pets.....although I have been known to stroke
a sheet or two of paper! And lastly, I shared this last year & it's still gross but ....the
 underneath of one of my boys toes.....not so much now though lol!

Didn't manage the double to today so I'll share a couple of previous music themed 
a digi scrap page

and a birthday card!



  1. great taste, sounds, view, texture and smell - I would struggle with these questions. I would definitely have a very different sound to you though - I love rock music too but the sound that has to be my favourite has to be early morning birdsong - quite different! Lol! xx

  2. Your posts for the Craft/blog every day in June challenge always make me chuckle, this one included - I love your scrap page as well.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. I'm with has been buckets of fun to follow along with your posts. You are so good about following through, girl!
    Lately I have been leaning towards pear pear candles etc.

  4. Loving your post today, not sure about the hot sweaty person from the rugby pitch tho haha... Thanks for sharing Hugs Kelly xx

  5. Ohhh I like Foo Fighters - great band! I know a lot of people who like them! A nice tidy craft desk is always good. Wish I had the ocean near me - the sound must be very relaxing! :) Great music themed makes too! xx


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