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Hi......I'm Jo, welcome to my crafty corner where I aim to share my adventures in paper crafting, baking, cross stitch & cats.....hopefully with some hints, tips & inspiration thrown in too! Please leave a comment if you call so I know you've been, I would love to visit you back and please become a follower if you like what you see. Thanks for popping by.........
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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Day 11: Craft/blog every day in June!

Can't believe we're on Day 11 already.....time sure flies when you're having fun lol!

So the prompts for today are:
If you had 3 wishes what would they be OR Craft something to celebrate a new home

Hmmmm, craft wishes or real-life wishes......maybe I'll do both!
 Craft wishes would be......
1 - My very own craft barn, full of every kind of stash you can imagine & room for
all my crafty friends to come play
2 - I'd love to be able to draw, I can doodle a bit but to draw would be fantastic
3 - To get all my ideas down on paper & the time to put them into practice

Real life wishes would be......
1- My eldest son back to health
2 - A farm to hold that craft barn I'd like.....and some sheep, donkeys....and chickens,
I've always wanted chickens!
3- To lose some weight......just one little stone is all I ask!!

What's your 3 wishes?


  1. Great wishes there Jo! I hope that all your wishes come true especially with your son and the barn (with animals) too! That would be pretty awesome! :) xx

  2. great wishes Jo!!! I'm with you on that stone one - this one that has crept back on is not for budging - although to be fair I've not been trying that hard! Other wishes - probably health and happiness for my mum and dad and that my sister could sell her house in Christ Church, new Zealand quickly to help stop having money worries! Huggles! Rachel xx

  3. Lol..........just love your 3rd wish 3 wishes would be to grant you all yours xx

  4. One of my wishes would be to give you your wish number 1.
    I know that must be the hardest for a not be able to give that precious thing to her child!

  5. Oh Jo what great wishes, I would wish for 1..a bigger bungalow with a craft room 2... better health for both hubby and me at present.........and your precious son xxxx
    3.... Happy years ahead ior my sad broken daughter xxxxx

  6. Oops clicked to was going to add my wishes of course start from the bottom up, the craft room certainly hasn't been priority this past year.
    Huge hugs Mau xx


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