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Sunday 27 October 2019

Give a Cat a Box......

What is it with cats & boxes.......doesn't matter what size or shape it
is......a cat will fit itself into it!
 Here's Kimi......will she fit?
 She made it!

Ollie was a bit too big so decided to go for the longer box..... front of the radiator next to Thor!

Tom didn't want a box......he waited til I put the chairs up to wash the floor
then jumped into the chair base!!

All that money spent on cat beds and they'd go for the box every time!



  1. Fabulous pics Jo!!! lol xxx

  2. Great post Jo, and what gorgeous photos of your cats. Cat behaviour is so funny they just suit themselves, Kate x

  3. Aww when our cat snowy was with us, she was just as bad, with boxes..But she also loved bags...anytype a friend called and snowy climbed into her son has a cat, ignores all the toys rather play with a bit of screwed up paper, she even brings it back for you to throw

  4. I love this. I have two boxes permanently on the kitchen table in the window and another two underneath the piano. I don't want any of them as they look unsightly but can't remove them as they love them, lol
    Latest on Rupert is that he has eaten a little and drunk quite a bit of water so just need the poo now.

  5. great pics Jo, so like a cat to do whatever it wants, yesterday the dog was lying in the cat's way so he just walked over the poor dog

  6. ROFL, Jo! So true. I've never known a cat (or kitten for that matter) that didn't love boxes. Great photos!

  7. Ach that is so cute. I have a dog that likes a small box too lol.


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