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Monday, 22 February 2016

And then there were 5!!!!

Morning my lovely crafty friends & bloggers, hope you're all well.....sending hugs to those that need/want them.
You might remember I had great crafty plans for the weekend? I should have known really, cos me & plans just don't seem to go together lol! So there we were on Saturday, all sat around the table eating & waiting for Ant & Dec's Takeaway to start when we saw one of the cat house's moving....Lola's trying to get comfy, we thought.....5 minutes later the house was still moving so we had a little look........and there were 2 kittens.........then there were 3! But Mama Lola wasn't done.....after cleaning up her babies & having an hours rest out came 2 more!! Oh my, she's the coolest cat I know....I thought I had my babies easy at home on the sofa but, no fuss. no messing about & she's SO taken to motherhood....she's amazing & I feel so proud.....I do love our cats!
Look how tiny they are! All seem to be thriving & Lola's such a good Mama.
Now you won't believe what's coming next.........a few weeks ago a little black & white cat turned up at our home. The cutest cat, she has the prettiest face & she's so affectionate......and she didn't want to leave. My boys did everything they could to try & find her owner.......door knocked, advertised, the police, posters....sadly it seemed nobody was missing her. James took her to the vets sadly she wasn't chipped.......but she is pregnant! So now she's adopted us as her carers there's no way we're gonna let her down......we'll love her as our own, look after her & her babies but as soon as she's ready after the birth she'll be off the the vets because we ARE responsible pet owners & she will be neutered alongside our Lola bear. 
We did think maybe it's not our right to do that but as no one has claimed her we found that if we gave her over to a shelter she would be neutered anyway......and if the vet is happy to do it given the circumstances (and he is) then we're happy to pay for it.
Rightio my friends, lots to do today so I'll say bye for now, have a lovely day & I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. A lovely heart warming story Jo. Hope all goes well with the babies. Christine

  2. Oh Jo you're a fur granny congrats they are adorable I'm glad it's not just us that they keep coming to Scruff has found another friend that keeps coming but I think that has a home
    You are going to be a busy bee with all these little ones to keep an eye on soooo sweet xx

  3. They are adorable Jo, it sounds like you are going to be busy with kittens very shortly.
    We took in a cat many years ago, she was found on a friends farm and it wasn't safe for her there - she was really skinny and we thought she was only about 12 weeks old. We fed her well and thought she was putting on weight nicely, when all of a sudden three weeks later she disappeared, we found her in a dirty old box in the shed with five kittens!
    I think you are being very responsible having her neutered, you have done everything you could to find her owners.

  4. Oh wow Jo they are so sweet, what a lovely story, I think your going to be a busy Nanna soon.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  5. Jo, the babies are so cute! We had a cat adopt us years ago, we lived in a small coastal village and we know Squeek had been bumped, he wasn't chipped either, we advertised like you but no came to claim him, we knew he wasn't owned by anyone in the village 40 houses, we got him neutered and he was with us for about 9 years till he knocked down by a selfish driver. He was the most loving cat you could ever get.

  6. Congratulations! These little ones are so adorable! Hugs, Robin

  7. Reading this post is Deja Vu for me. 8 years ago we took in our Polly and she also was pregnant. We already had 2 elderly cats and when she produced 4 kittens we couldn't part with them bringing the total number of cats to 7. The 2 older cats have gone over the rainbow now but we still have the 5 of them.
    I am green with envy here, I would love to go through the kittens being born and watching them grow again.
    Look forward to all of the pictures that I'm sure you will be posting. Lucky you...

  8. Awwwwww.... Fabulous Mum Lola, so brave! And very cute little kittens!!
    I don't know if I have understood well all the story, this sweet Mum is the cat that has choosed you as your owner?
    You and your boys are very beautiful persons, Jo!! :) I think that her owner has abandoned her because she was pregnant...There are a lot of insensitive persons in the world... :(
    In Italy there are a lot of abandoned cats.... I feed a group of them in a street near my house... and I have six cats that live with me in my home. I founded the oldest nine years ago and she was a little baby that was starving... The vet has said that I saved her for a miracle. Two years ago, one of my neighboors (a bad person!!!)has thrown out from his house a couple of cats, male and female; they was one year old around. The female looks a lot like your Lola!! :) She also was pregnant and they was very hungry and frightened. I adopted them... Then the female have had three sweet babies... So now I have six lovely cats! :D All neutered, obviously! :D
    I'm very happy for the cat you have adopted, beacause at your home she will surely live very well and have a lot of love!! :D
    Congrats for your cat's family!! :)
    Lot of hugs!

  9. squeeeeel! Lola's new little babies are adorable and I'm a dog person. She looks very content with her new family and how lovely that your family is going to give a home to the little lost girl and her babies too.

    ATCs on their way to you. Barbxx

  10. What a lovely post Jo and these pics are gorgeous. No wonder the lost pregnant cat chose you and yours as carers. She's sensed big kind warm hearts at your place. You are wonderful. Michelle xx

  11. Hi Jo, lovely post today and such a fabulous story. your new family members are gorgeous,and well done to mum, looking forward to seeing your next batch of kitties, Kate x

  12. Aww what a lovely story and heart-warming post today. Hope Lola and babies are coping well and you too as i think it's going to get busier soon!

  13. Oh those kittens look so cute and it sounds as if you are going to be getting in lots of practise too. Happy times.

    Hugs Erika. x

  14. Ohhhh what a lovely story Jo, and your Lola looks so cool with proceedings! Good luck with your adoptee cat too ... look forward to hearing the outcome for her too.
    Hugs, Helen x

  15. congrats!
    oh I love them all and I want them all!
    so cute little kities!
    Bad Kitty's Craftroom
    Fiki ❤

  16. oh my Jo - you really are going to have your hands full! Such cute kittens! Good luck with them all! Hugs Rachel x

  17. Wow, you have certainly got your hands full dearie. So glad they are ll doing well. Thinking of you all. Hugs X X xx

  18. What lucky cats and kittens to have such wonderful owners Jo. Those are adorable babies and Lola looks very proud indeed. We have had two strays move in with us. Promise, our first "squatter" went over the rainbow bridge in 2012 after being with us for 5 years and then Mo the cat (so called after Mo Farah!!) moved in a few,days afterwards. They do say that cats will seek out owners. Looking forward to seeing the next litter xx

  19. OMGoodness, this is a sight I have not seen since I was a young child! Your new kittens are adorable! And more on the way from your new kitty? Wow, you will have your hands full! And so much fun watching these kittens and their funny antics! Wishing you the best to find loving homes for all of these precious babies!

  20. AWW! Cuteness overload!! You'll have your hands full, but they are so gorgeous.
    Bev xx

  21. oh my, oh my, oh my! bless them all.

  22. Oh how sweet these little bundle of fluff.

    Craft hugs Pen x


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