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Hi......I'm Jo, welcome to my crafty corner where I aim to share my adventures in paper crafting, baking, cross stitch & cats.....hopefully with some hints, tips & inspiration thrown in too! Please leave a comment if you call so I know you've been, I would love to visit you back and please become a follower if you like what you see. Thanks for popping by.........
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Tuesday 7 July 2020

Sweet Kitty Cross Stitch

Morning lovelies, hope you're all well.

One thing about lockdown is it inspired me to finish some of my works in
progress, not all of it, just some lol........and I say finished but I'm not really
 sure if it is or not......what do you think? Not sure whether to leave as is or
 to add some little flowers or maybe some sequins......thoughts please.
I did enjoy stitching this little sweetie & have an idea to stitch another
reversing the pattern so they'd be facing each other and with a blue bow.
Rightio, shopping day today so I'd better get a move on.....thanks for calling
and for any comments you might leave.......stay safe.


  1. This is beautiful, I haven't crossed stitched in years. TFS.
    Linda xxx

  2. It's beautiful, can't go wrong with a cat and honestly I think it's gorgeous as it because nothing detracts from the cat. I like the idea of a reversed version x

  3. Love the cute kitty and beautiful cross stitching-not done any of that since I left school many moons ago lol
    Carol x

  4. Beautifully stitched Jo, love the kitty, I'd leave it as it is, nothing to detract from the kitty, Kate x

  5. Beautiful cat Jo love it as it is your idea of a pair would make a wonderful memento for an engagement or anniversary

  6. Jo your cross stitch cat is adorable...I would leave it as it is


  7. This is wonderful Jo and I think a companion would be a fabulous idea xx

  8. A lovely cross stitch cat Jo and I don't think it needs any embellishments. I love the idea of reversing the pattern to make another cat.
    Kath x

  9. This is adorable! I wouldn't change a thing!

  10. What a sweetie - maybe two or three wee flowers in the grass area in the dark pink? It is gorgeous just as it is too.
    Stay safe


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