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Friday, 14 June 2013

June Day 14......

June Day 14: Name your fav smell, taste, view, sound & texture
Craft something that has a music theme.

No double for me today and I couldn't answer the 5 favourites with
just one thing so here goes...... 

Smell:  At the moment it's a Vanilla Frosting Yankee Candle! Or Miss 
Rebecca's hair when it's just been washed, or nice, clean line-dried
washing or even the smell of my youngest boy fresh from the
rugby pitch!!!
Taste:  Mmmmm, got to be stew & dumplings! Or maybe roast beef
& yorkshire puds......a cool bottle of Newcastle Brown or a little drop 
of jagermeister! A nice cup of Yorkshire tea!
View: Sitting in the patio doorway looking into the back garden. I sit there
early in the morning, listening to the birds, watching our rabbits
hopping around & it's so still, peaceful & quiet I feel like I'm in the middle
 of nowhere.....heaven!And, of course, the lovely faces of my lot!
Sound:  Loud rock music & my kids laughing around the dinner table, they all 
sound so very different & it makes me laugh just listening to them but 
Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) & M Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) are both
a real close 2nd....they're usually who I listen to while I craft...
actually they could both be my fav view too lol!
Texture: A real tough one....was gonna say the underneath of my
youngest Sons toes......but that's gross lol so how about the fur of
our kitty cats....2 are smooth & short haired, the other is long
haired.....and usually brings in half the garden in his fur!

See you tomorrow when we'll be at the halfway mark!
Jo x


  1. Wow Jo your doing really well blogging everyday, it puts me to shame.

    Hugs Julie xxxx

  2. I am loving how different everyones answers are. They are all brillaint

  3. wow - some interesting answers there Jo! Fabulous! xx

  4. I think I will have to go check out who Dave Grohl and M Shadows are! I've totally lost it with music - I more often than not have Magic FM or Classic FM on.

    Great choices tho - love that you like to feel under your sons toes!!!



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