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Hi......I'm Jo, welcome to my crafty corner where I aim to share my adventures in paper crafting, baking, cross stitch & cats.....hopefully with some hints, tips & inspiration thrown in too! Please leave a comment if you call so I know you've been, I would love to visit you back and please become a follower if you like what you see. Thanks for popping by.........
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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Blogging every day in June with Karoove!

Hiya, well there I was.....just settled down on the sofa with a coffee ready to 
do a bit of blog hopping and the very first post I saw was on Jacki's blog.
Karoove has set the task/challenge to blog every day in June.....hmmmm,
now there's a challenge, sounds like just the thing I'm looking for! I'm
gonna join in and am soooo full of good watch this 
space lol! Each daily post will have a choice of 2 prompts - word or craft.
Day 1: I'm going with the word prompt - tell us how you got into crafting.
Like so many other crafters I've "met" in blogland, cross stitch was my
first proper craft venture. I spent many a long cold Winter night
stitching coasters, bookmarks, wall hangings.....anything you could think
of until one day a friend asked if I could stitch something for a
Birthday card. And that was it.....I was hooked! I do still 
cross stitch, in fact I'm just about to start a Christmas present!
Bur for now, at least, papercraft has taken over the majority of my
craft time......paper, ribbon, pearls, promarkers.....oh my, I'm sooo hooked!
I'm lucky enough to have a craft room now.......and an 11 year old
daughter who loves to craft but doesn't like to clear up afterwards!!!!
So that's my story....would love to hear yours!
Thanks for the inspiration Karoove....hope I can last all month!
 Jo x


  1. helllooooo and thank you for joining in the challenge. I am soo envious of you have a craft room. Just wait till we get to the picture of your craft space and you see mine. I am sure mine will create so laughs.

  2. I'm envious too I have to settle with my little table in the living room
    Great post too Jo can't wait to see the chrimbo pressie you're goiing to do

  3. Hi Jo, well all the extra waffle this month is going to be totally your fault (sort of!) - so I am glad you like my waffle!!

    Sounds like we've got very similar crafting stories, except I'm not quite there with the craft room - yet!

    I'll go check my cross-stitch but I don't think I've got any Native American art - it's mostly fantasy (u know fairies, unicorns, etc), flowers and animals. But I will check and see.

    Looking forward to seeing your next post.


    PS - Congrats on the new DT post as well!

  4. Ooh that really is a challenge to post everyday Jo! I'm sure you will manage it though! ;-)
    Thinking about it... I've always crafted really... as a kid I used to love doing crafty things with my mum and dad especially at Easter and Christmas.... so I guess it is in the family genes!! LOL
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!
    Big hugs
    Sue xx

  5. Great to read about your crafting journey Jo. I also started cross stitching and I also still do a lot of it!! Maybe should show some on my blog one day
    x catherine

  6. Great idea to do this post a day for the month! My first craft was macrame! I made plant hangers for all my plants!

    Haven't had a chance to answer your email...will get to it tomorrow night...wonder if you started getting the error code when I switched to Google Chrome? If it tells you the error code number let me know and I will see if I can figure it out!!!


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