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Friday, 28 June 2013

June Day 28......

I've been such a busy bee today I don't know where the day's
gone! School run, decorating, trip into town & sorting out a costume
for Miss Rebecca's end of term play.....all done now and time for a 
sit down and a cuppa....and maybe a biscuit or two!
So what are the prompts for today?
June Day 28:  If you had 3 wishes what would they be
Craft something to celebrate a new home

Well the 1st of the 3 wishes is easy......I'd wish my eldest son
fit & well, just as he was before his strokes!
The 2nd would be a part time job for my 3rd son....he's still at college
and works 4 voluntary shifts in a charity shop but is desperate
for a paid job. He's a great son, polite, well mannered, honest,
reliable...everything you could wish for....yet he still
can't find a part time job. His dream is to own a little
book day!!
My 3rd wish would be for just a little bit more time although
I am so determined to be more organised....and I'm gonna start 
with the craft room. The thought is if I organise my craft room 
properly them it would be easier to organise my time in the craft
room therefore I'd be much more productive....but as my son
said "You know what thought did......followed a muck cart
cos he thought it was a wedding!"
No time for the double today......see you tomorrow!


  1. Aww love your three wishes and I hope they all come true for you!

  2. Great wishes Jo. Would be wonderful for them all to come true.

    Hope you have a good weekend.


  3. lovely wishes . Never heard the saying before lol

  4. I love your wishes and your son's saying too!


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