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Sunday 2 June 2013

June Day 2.....

Hi guys, hope you're days been as full of sunshine as mine!
A fab win (66-0) for my boy Nic & his team at rugby today, a productive
 hour (or 2) at my desk and a roast beef dinner! So now it's time for day 2 
of this fab idea from Karoove!
Day 2: Tell us about your fav craft gadget & why it's just the bees knees
craft something that has a summer theme!
Hmmmmm, I love everything in my craft room so thought this was gonna 
be tough but gadget-wise it's got to be my Big Shot! I had the smaller
Sidekick first but quickly "really, really needed" a Big
I don't think I could craft without it. I use it for most makes, mainly die 
cutting....I always seem to forget about my embossing folders!
So that's it.....I love my Big Shot lol!
See you tomorrow!
Jo x


  1. Totally with you on the big shot. My dear 70+ mother is into crafting and just bought the grand caliber . Soooo jealous of her

  2. I love my big shot too - fabulous piece of equipment - looking forward to the arrival on Friday of a new piece of equipment though - my melting pot - soooo excited xx

  3. Hi Jo - sounds like you like your die-cutter as well! I have to say I don't think there is much between the Cuttlebug and Big Shot - it's down to personal choice. Although I have heard some people say that the Cuttlebug is more delicate than the Big Shot, don't know about that myself, mine takes a lot of hammering!!!

    The 'Bug doesn't take the big dies - I think you're thinking of the Grand Calibur, Joy Trevaile or E-Bosser (which I've got by the way!!) or maybe even the Big Shot Pro?

    Hope you've had a good weekend,

  4. Hi Jo! I'm the same as you and love my Big Shot too! Couldn't craft without! Great post!

    Mel xx

  5. I don't have a big shot Jo but I can understand why this would be a big favourite of yours. There is a lot of versatility with the machines and so much more scope for crafting. I have a calibur and certainly wouldn't be without it now
    x catherine

  6. I totally understand JO, I too do not have a big shot but I love my cuttlebug and could not craft with out it! That and my cutter!

  7. I think I am the same as Big Shot is my fave piece of qquipment...I can't imagine crafting without it!
    Congrats to Nic!

  8. Well done to Nic and the team, what a result! I don't have a Bigshot but love my Grand Calibur and Cuttlebug - wouldn't be without them xx


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