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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

June Day 26......

Well, they say time flies when you're having fun and that's so
true.....can't believe we're almost at the end of our
monthly blog-a-thon.............and I'm having great fun!
Todays prompts are:
June Day 26: What do you wish you were good at
Craft something that has a Spring theme

Oh, there's lots I wish I were good at....probably too much
to list lol! Perhaps the main thing is....I'd like to organise my time
better....I can waste a morning pottering about and not actually
get much done but then other days everything is done in
record time, the tea is in the slow cooker and then I can craft.....those
 are by far the better days! Craft-wise, it's the same old thing...
.....stamping & colouring! Some days I'm real happy with my work, other 
days it goes straight in the bin! Rightio, off to hop around some
of your blogs then off to bed. See you tomorrow!


  1. On some days I wish I was better at making cards - some days I feel like its great and the card ive worked on is fab, then on others days I'm like 'arrgh! it looks awful!' Practice makes perfect, I guess! :) xx

  2. Hi Jo

    Maybe we need 48hrs in a day!!!

    Feel the same as you were time is concerned lol.

    As for crafting I would love a craft room and be able to colour properly,i can never shade right lol

    Happy crafting


  3. I think I should re-write my list because as I am reading everyone's posts I am thinking of more things I wish I was good at. Time one for me too. I can be busy a whole morning and not actually achieved anything

  4. How long have you got for my "Wish I had"
    Time what is that???? I think its me getting slower to be honest, I read about people making a card and posting it all in a morning...ha-ha ha I need three hours to decide on which paper...thats not a lie either.When my daughter comes to craft on a Saturday 11am - 11pm oops! I make one card and she makes 4 or more!!
    My main wish is that I could paint watercolour better.
    Hugs Mau xx

  5. I wish I were good at organizing my time too! I used to be better...sigh!

    I also wish I was faster at decisions...then I could finish cards faster...)


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