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Thursday, 6 June 2013

June Day 6......

Today's prompts are:
Day 6:  Tell us how/where you get your inspiration
Craft something with an Autumn theme

Well, funny you should ask......I saw a woman in the supermarket this 
morning with turquoise hair and spent most of the afternoon trying to colour
 the exact same shade but to no avail, does make me wish I was a good
few years younger though.....I used to love colouring my hair! For me, 
inspiration is everywhere.....magazines, tv, blogs, music is a big influence
too though mainly for personal stuff....not things I tend to blog. A new fav
is Pinterest but oh my, it's soooo addictive I have to limit
can lose hours just trawling the boards!
see you tomorrow


  1. Oooh dear I seem to be bucking the trend here - no Pinterest for me!!

    I would also appear to be more pedestrian in my inspirations - it's my stamps!! I sort through them and find one I'd like to colour and take it from there.

    Love the turquoise hair story tho - and I'm not even sure what colour turquoise is, so how I would colour it is anyone's guess!!


  2. Oh love the hair story i'ver never been that colour was blue for a while but didn't like it jeeze the things we did to our hair back then it's a wonder I'm not bald haha dito with the insp though

  3. Great post Jo! Inspiration is everywhere and I like the fact you saw someone with particular hair and decided to colour an image in with the exact hair colour - never done that before! That's pretty cool

    Mel xx

  4. Its brilliant reading everyone's inspirations and can honestly say your the first to say a lady's hair in the supermarket lol

  5. Wow fab colour hair Jo, I wish I was brave, I am on Pinterest but admit I don't go on very often.

    Hugs Julie xxx

  6. Hi Jo - its the same for me - everywhere you look there's inspiration!!! Thankyou so much for the beautiful birthday card you sent - its just so cute and gorgeous - I love it to pieces!!! Big Hugs Rachel xx


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